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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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car in front of the vehicle? however, everybody is thinking about him and the chp. >> he is a super individual, a man of sleet. and that goes along with the type of guy that i am he is a man of faith-- >>reporter: the officer personally knows he thhas a family. and he wanted to work on a car with one of his sons. he has been with the army reserves previous to the police force. they are holding his condition
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close. investigators continue to go over evidence including video from the officer's that happened at about 8:20 a.m. on the southbound lanes of i-680 just past the involved in the altercation. for now, back to you. >> there has been in doubt fooutpouring. neighbors say that there was a difficult. >> he was always playing with his children. and i could see that he was a good father. >> it is a great thing but always a bit of a worry. he just purchased a vehicle for his son. he is a great family man and his devoted to his job. i cannot believe that this happened. >> this happened driver of a
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jeep dead. witnesses tell kron 4 news the officer had pulled over the jeep on southbound i-680 at livorna road at about 8:20 a.m. tuesday. it's unclear why gunfire was exchanged. the officer sustained potentially life threatening wounds. a all lanes were shot down. for several hours. the northbound lanes at 1:00 p.m. however the south bound lanes remained closed for several hours. stay with kron 4 the latest conditions on the officer in the investigation. >> 6:03 let us let you get started with the weather. >> good morning. it is goin to fallb--follow some fog anticipated on the coast. however, the introduction of a minor chance of
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thunderstorms. mainly at the higher elevations. bay-area wide, some light possible lightning strikes. the possibility exists. and we will take a look at home on this thread of thundershowers will stay with us. if it is longer today? we will speak more about that. >> a decent commute. with no hot spots for the north bay. the light and easy. for the commute on interstate 580. coming out of tracy. for the east bay, just two different areas. highway no. 4 and the 205. the south bay with no delays. >> decision 2012 it was at michelle obama. she was the
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last speaker of the night and she did not speak the name mitt romney. >> i've seen up close and personal what it means to be president. he knows what the american dream is because he has lived it. (cheers & applause) he wants everybody, everyone in this country to of the same opportunity. no matter who we are toward or what we look like. or who we love. >> the president and the daughters were watching from the white house. today, former president bill clinton will introduce bill clinto and introduce-0,. >> the keynote speaker was
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mainly positive but also warranted some criticism as out of touch characterizing mitt romney he visited a a university of ohio and gave students some advice. to start a business. and how? borrow money from your parents. and why did i not to think of that? lathe romney campaign responded that the middle-class is not better off than they were just four years ago. as a reminder come even much commercial- free on a new 24/7. and also, on our website., just 193. and
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also the speeches on our website and on our facebook fan page. >> these live pictures >>this just in to the kron 4 news room to astronauts have taken the second there have been two astronauts that of started their repair at the space station. they started doing this on thursday but it was not successful but will try it again today. we will continue to keep you updated but the tools that they are using to fix this unit include a toothbrush, and some why your pipe -- wire pipe cleaners.. we will keep you updated on these details. >> still ahead on kron 4 news perhaps an update from
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>> welcome back 6: 10 candlelight vigil is going to be held tonight for sierra lamar. it has been in
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six months sensuous last seen. this is video. it is been its--six months since she has been seen. tonight will be at the morgan hill city hall at 7:00 p.m.. she was taken march 16th at issue was on her way to school. prosecutors have charged torres with kidnapping all of a body has not been recovered. >> croprotesters--uc-davis have settled their federal lawsuit against the university. this is the video from last november. if you remember, this wind of vira-with students seeking damage for non-violent protesters. the exact terms
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of this settlement remain a secret. long cancer is increasing among women and even people that have not smoked with lung cancer is up from 7.9% after 200 with just 24% from the year 2000. however, this is a 65% epidemic. a bit of a decrease along men. also, that a chemical used in the manufacturing of common household products could be associated with heart disease. p f o a is found in most americans' bodies.
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the higher levels of this amount in their bodies had a double the chance of heart disease, or even stroke. >> we will be back with a few moments. some good news on the san jose firefighters that had a heart attack while fighting a fire last week. taking a live look some clouds and blue skies...
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>> i just received information from my wife that there was a shooting on the highway. >> there was several hours that were completely shut down. >> after 1:00 p.m. the northbound started to open up. >> we have some good news. a san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack at the scene of a church blaze last week is out of a coma
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and appears alert, doctors say. firefighters who have gathered at the hospital since ryan collapsed at the scene of a fire at the st. patrick's cathedral last thursday. doctors say he had suffered a heart attack. russ davis, another firefighter who serves with ryan on truck one and who helped administer cpr the day ryan collapsed says he visited with his colleague tuesday morning and that ryan "seemed his old self." >> i sent out a text and i said that 'it is frank'.. we know him extremely well. to have this happen has really been difficult for everybody. we are very close and we have the and equipment. the best case scenario is that it is always however difficult for a family member. >> there were the first on
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the scene at the st. patrick's cathedral in downtown san jose. after ryan came out of the smoke filled church collapsed. and he suffered a heart attack. the church also suffered extensive damage he is only 42 years old! the bay area water & traffic james? >> good morning. it could be the bay area--weather. temperatures right now on the mild side with 53 degrees. a mixture of mid '50s with a typical start. nothing new. however what is it different is what is expected this afternoon. we will see muggy conditions and the chance for a thunderstorm here, there. and it could stay with us for at least tomorrow evening. with a nice, mild
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chance. perhaps a 10-20 percent chance. where will we see these? perhaps that the higher elevations. taking a look at the satellite. it is streaming over monterey. this is portions of what is happening after that tropical depression " john ". if those into at the higher elevations near the north, east bay. that is what we will be watching but not a big deal. could probably pass without anybody experiencing rainfall but you will see clouds. that is what we are expecting. here is where we see temperatures. in the south bay. los gatos, near evergreen about 87 degrees but for the most part low mid '80s. near the santa clara valley. our warmest temperatures near the delta of, livermore. perhaps upper
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80s. and even 70's on the east bay shore lines. san francisco, 74 degrees. and low 80s in napa. with your three day out look. mild. with your your kron 4 7 day around the bay coming up. do not forget that you could get weather updates on comcast 193 per hour 24/7 news, weather, traffic. with every updates. >> good morning. we have a pretty decent dry with no hot spots on the bay bridge. it is just beginning to pack up with the knee during lights activated it is normal and incident-free. backing--up with the metering lights. volume is building but there are no delays. the typical volume
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is about 11 minutes from foster city. golden gate is also easy through marin county. no delays. and also the east shore freeway is updating the drive times about 18 minutes from hercules to berkeley. and highway no. 4. towards antioch. the westbound interstate not that bad. with tracy and also south from the coyote valley towards santa clara and the montague expressway. no delays expected from novado to the golden gate. >> thank you. firefighters are continuing to develop this extremely rugged terrain since sunday. 25
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percent containment as of this morning. the cause is still under investigation with the thousands the back to witting over the holiday weekend. it could continue to burn for this week. it prompted the evacuation--of thousands over the weekend. also, near the steep terrain forcing fire crews to peddle this from the air. three separate. fire crews to- battle this. the highway no. 16 was shot down. shot dow shut down was.. highway 16. the san bruno explosion killed
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eight people and injured so many more. they have gathered to remind pg&e of what happened will not happen again. >> we are about safety. i've sent three pieces of legislation. the first is to require to act on the safety recommendations from the national transportation safety board. the second piece of legislation will have them to provide a level of metrics to gauged level of safety and potentially fine them for poor for borman's. the third would be to--fine them for poror performance and also cost cutting corners cost the
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number is providing political fodder for democrats and republicans blaming each other. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. with the opening bell and more of what to expect today with rob black. [ female announcer ] now your best accessory can be your smile.
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so with colgate optic white, all you need to look fabulous is your smile. colgate optic white. whiter teeth in 1 week. >> welcome back however the futures have been off a bit. as we're watching wall street heat oup.. heating up. --also we are whata california highway patrol officer is on life supporta 37-year old chp officer remains on life support but is not expected to survive
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wounds sustained in a shooting that happened during a routine traffic stop on interstate 680 in alamo tuesday morning. the wounded officer is identified at kenyon youngstrom of fairfield. will>>reporter: he is inside right now on life-support. his family members are by his bedside. even coming in from other areas of california to be near him and also other members of the california highway patrol. still several questions out there but people are stopping by to offer their prayers including the family of the c h p >> i've been speaking with the family of the officer. they have asked me to convey their thank-you to their extended family & friends. the public safety committee and the public for their support during this very difficult time. their
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family has also requested for the media to be respectful and honor for their privacy. and also for everyone's prose rhythms as he fights for his life ever once-prosperous. -he is a seven year veteran. he's a seven-year veteran of he has four children, and the army reservist. he recently purchased an acura integra to work on with his son.. we are expected to hear about this officer's condition. kron 4 spoke to a driver who witnessed the shooting. >> on heard that loud
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popping and there was a semi next to me and i thought it was the semi truck. i looked underneath and the officer was down. i kept hearing that and i looked over as that second officer was behind her. at an ankle trying to keep a safe distance. repeatedly-firing at a different angle... >> russell also add about the amount of traffic it would have been even more tragic >> still, several questions are round the investigation of why this happened. and what the officer pulled over where he did. jackie is right also the c h p headquarters. >> good morning. there are
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still a lot of questions with only 22 hours from when this happened. as you mentioned, there are still a lot of questions on this investigation and what led to this shooting. there are questions of why exactly did this officer pulled this vehicle over? and also, why did he parked in front of that jeep cherokee? it is protocol to park behind. as this investigation continues, who is the suspect? why did he opened fire? and according to the c h p, of authorities say that this account chp officer the second officer had a driver of a jeep dead.
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witnesses tell kron 4 news the jeep on southbound i-680 at livorna road at about sustained potentially life threatening wounds. a second chp officer hospital. >> the spokesperson explained why the contra costa sheriff's are relieved. >> this is going to be investigated by the contra costa sheriff's office. and the c h p under protocol have the contra costa district attorney's office as the lead agency. this is involved for officer involved critical incidences in this county. there will not be relieved of the-- investigation. >> with this massive amount of this investigation collecting evidence for several hours, dario. there is a lot to go over with 22 hours. it is relatively
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early as far as the investigation goes but who is this suspect? still, no identification. >> i understand that there will take time but that is something that they know and they will release that information. at least what the person was wanted for for a name? >> perhaps earlier this morning or later this morning they could release more information that we are requesting. that suspect information has not been released. the chp officer has been identified we would like some information on the suspect that was killed. >> thank you, jacki. we will have more on our facebook fan page. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room in oakland, a big
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dump w dictum victumim was pistl whiped and robbed in oalka nd./. with a 10-20 percent chance of activity. mostly at the higher elevations. 60s-'90s expected. we should clear out nicely with mild conditions. with a complete look at your forecast. >> good morning. with a commute check still decent.
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that highway no. 4 and interstate 580. >> thank you. george. we will find out how restaurants are increasing their prices at popular times. [ female announcer ] caroline penry began using olay total effects in 2001. since then, there's been one wedding, 2 kids, and 43 bottles of olay total effects. so in spite of 185 tantrums 378 pre-dawn starts and a lot of birthdays, caroline still looks amazing. thanks to the trusted performance of olay
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>> welcome back there could be a possible soft drink tax and richmond is fighting it. >> the coalition are opposing this. this will be on the november ballot if it is approved richmond will be the first in the city to
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have a tax on sugar beverages to help fight childhood abuse. >> restaurants are catching up with the rest of the hospitality industry. they are deciding to go to a variable pricing menu. that is saying that if there's more people, more demand and perhaps a saturday night they're going to charge more. there is a way however to get around it. to eat on a weeknight. when they have otherwise empty tables. >> also, the tolls at the bridges. >> hurry up and order! [laughter] >> we will be back with more in just a couple of moments. with traffic looks like it in just a couple of moments. with traffic looks like it is [ male announcer ] the magic of nature blooms in every seed,
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>> 6:4:05 a.m. the big store the we're following it is alamo tuesday morning. the wounded officer is identified at kenyon youngstrom of fairfield. this was on the 680. the suspect was shot and killed by police. the democratic national convention continues tonight in charlotte, north carolina. president clinton will formally introduce president obama. ra last. coughhm emanuel a last night--rahm emanuel.. and michelle obama offered a speech. >> good morning >> rob. fed ex?
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>> we think that it could be an indication of the international economy. what is wrong with fed ex? domestically and not that bad but perhaps as a indication of the global economy slowing down? also, the release of the iphon fight. >> facebook stock... what is the take? >> mark zuckerburg... could provide an update. yes, there is a share buyback is
6:47 am
a bit early. and i like it but i would prefer it that they are hitting it out of the ballpark with some more effort rise in revenue. >> the good presentation. we have not heard much since the ipo.. >> one of the things that i have seen is that the se management team has perhaps been questioned. that is a lot of the outside speculation looking in. >> you mentioned amazon that is with netflix by 10 percent. what does that mean for consumers? >> is an interesting time. we are starting to pay taxes this is a prime
6:48 am
service that basically put some ahead of netflix. and i will like that prime service. >> also like that with the free today shipping. it is a great service. >> $79 >> and also, great free shipping available. it is a great story. and i think perhaps if netflix will become acquired? it could be too early for that but netflix seems to survive. >> are you surprised about the success of amazon? >> i just remember in the beginning when it was just books and cds but now they are bigger. with the exception of wal-mart they are eight dominant retailer. they are-considered a dominant retailer. >> big changes with some rainfall? >> yes. we have some rain.
6:49 am
we have some fog. with a possibility of delays at s f o. some of that marine layer is pressing again. that is part of that coming in from the south and a mixture this morning. as for that low cloud coverage. around san francisco that is also causing issues at sfo with one of four plus with arriving flights. one a-- our of departing flights and arriving flights. we will let you know when those healt been lifted. right now, on the satellite/radar imagery showing some moisture. potentially over the el diablo range let me show you on future cast by 9:00 a.m. the potential for a
6:50 am
sprinkle near east of san jose. that is what we're watching for with upper- level moisture. with more mountainous areas. the east bay. the north-the mountains could see higher elevation areas. by 10:00 a.m., it could be over tracy. as we go towards the afternoon. with wide spread cloud coverage and a 10%-20 percent chance of sprinkles here, there. perhaps lightning. not a lot of lightning or rainfall but the conditions are therefore a potential. and by 5:00 p.m., we will see cloud, overnight. we will stay whit that with a 10%-20 percent chance. upper 80s for the san ramon
6:51 am
valley and we are looking for mid '80s for the also north bay expected in the immediate they typically 70's. cooler conditions at san francisco, downtown about 64 degrees. your kron 4 7 day around the bay and we are expecting mild weather to stay with this friday, saturday. temperatures will be for the most part a mild forecast. to not forget that you can get weather, traffic on our 24/7 comcast 193 and let us know what you think. >> good morning a pretty decent tried. not tracking any hot spots. it is now 16- 18 minutes. for the san mateo bridge. it is problem- free over the span. just 11 minutes towards foster city. for the golden gate. 101 southbound has no delays from marin county. taking a
6:52 am
look as we see the interstate drive time hercules towards berkeley. just starting to see some slow conditions on the 60 south bound and the san ramon valley is only 16-18 minutes. and here is the drive on the 101 going towards the montague expressway. just a little bit slow at the 880 interchange. and we will expect that to be heavier later. as it has for the last couple of weeks. now we're out of the summer patterns. >> it was a late night at at&t park and it did not and will for the giants. bruce lee night and his widow and
6:53 am
a tripled home with the tie breaking win 8-6 however, the giants used 1 mitchers...--11pitchers. the game was over 4.5 hours! it was not a happy ending. >> the a's are on the verge of another streak however in the wrong direction. the los angeles angels defeated the oakland athletes. they have dropped after their nine game winning streak. oakland is four games behind texas in the west. and for three spots behind the los angeles
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>> we are following the top trending stories. first, adele debuted the announcement that she was pregnant. also, the new photos of snooky's baby. and the demand for vegans in india from mcdonalds..
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